How to limit your facebook profile to certain people

Most of us have a good number of friends on facebook , these friends can be your relatives, neighbours , colleagues or elders . You may not always want to share everything with all your facebook friends . What we want to  share with our colleagues , we may not want our relative or teacher to see it .

By default everything we share on facebook is public , which means all your friends can see your facebook updates . With few facebook tricks you can limit your profile to certain group of people . Here is how you can limit your facebook profile .

Step 1. Go to the home tab click on “more” next to “Lists” in the left-hand column .

facebook list

Step 2. Click on  “Create a list.” Name it “Limited Profile,” “Professional contacts,” “Blocked People,” or whatever name you want it to be . I prefer ‘Limited Profile’  .

Step 3. Go to ‘Privacy Settings’  which is under the ‘Home’ tab arrow . Click on “edit settings” next to “How you connect,” and, next to the last option (“Who can see Wall posts by others on your profile?”), click “custom”

Step 4. Provide the list name (Limited Profile )under the option “Hide from.” save it and you are done .

limited facebook profile

Now you need to add people to the above list (Limited Profile ) whom you don’t want to see your friend’s posts on your wall . You can easily add people on this list by hovering  mouse over “Friends” and then selecting your stealth list from the drop-down menu. If you want to add people in that list in bulk quantity use the first step of this procedure and select the Limited Profile list .



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