Apple iPad 2 vs New Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Samsung has launched the revised edition of Galaxy Tab , the Galaxy Tab 8.9 and Galaxy Tab 10.1  . The latest Samsung Galaxy Tab is lighter and Thinner than Apple iPad 2 . We compared the tech specifications of Apple iPad 2 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 . In the specs comparison Galaxy Tab looks stronger than Apple iPad 2. 

ipad2 vs galaxy tab

In the specs though Samsung Galaxy Tab looks strong  but I doubt whether it could be a iPad 2 killer . Its the name that many people care about and Apple is a name that masses trust upon . But Galaxy Tab is definitely going to impact the sales of Motorola xoom , HP touchpad and RIM Playbook tablets .

ipad2 killer samsung galaxy tab 10.1 and galaxy tab 8.9



  1. Thanks for doing the comparison. I personally feel many will continue to support Apple, purely due to the apps and their quality. I must say, Samsung is really moving and shaking in the tablet space, though.

  2. The new Galaxy Tab (and all the Tegra 2 tablets) will not come close in terms of GPU performance of the iPad 2, so IMO the Tab does not have better specifications. Games on the iPad 2 will look much better than on any other tablets. In other words, it’s going to be another year of catching up.

    AnandTech’s GPU comparison between the PowerVR 543MP2 and GeForce ULV shows that in terms of raw graphics horsepower, iPad 2 is very much ahead (Infinity Blade is already taking advantage of this).

    • yes infinity blade looks nice but what can you do with your character can you control him? NO. do you walk around with the story no its ALLLL CUT scenes man and game can look good with cutscenes and apple has show the same thing games that has full control of your char looks the same as any android tablet the same thing is done in Rage for the IPad 2 looks great but you have no sence of control for your character it walks and move you shoot and reload wTF is that you call that great gaming? like a hot model all the looks in the world but nothing more to her than looks even at times when it comes to brains. the only think the A5 CPU wins in is linkpack a OpenGL software and the funny thing about that is apple is using a new version of linkpack that now other device is using also a new version of java so as you where saying sir come back when you have some freaking sence not love for apple sence

    • The eepad transformer table had a better resolution /screen than the ipad2

  3. Galaxy Tab has always been better than the iPad and with its latest incarnation is not just better…it’s WAY better than the iPad.
    But from one point of view you’re right: Apple fanboys don’t care about what’s inside nor outside an Apple or a competitor product nor which one is REALLY better…they love to be bond to Apple and its limitations (hardware and software) and to pay premium price to have less just because they want everything made by Apple…how silly and sad at the same time.

    • Thats False. I am a Private Computer Consultant and have been a fan of PC and open source for years. The truth is, you guys are the open source fan boys. After actually using all the hardware, setting it up for people and dealing with all aspects of it. The iPad and iPhone are WAYYY better pieces of hardware than any other hardware I have used, Period. I do own a Mac Book Pro that I purchased to learn the Mac OS and to become familiar with it and I agree that computers are still not worth it. But when it comes to tablets and phones, Apple has been winning and still is BY A LOT. Its time for you open source fan boys to give apple a shot. For reals. You are just missing out on having the best hardware AND software if you are Anti Apple for Small devices. Plus, making an appointment at the Genius Bar is a NIGHT AND DAY difference than dealing with your phone manufacturer or Verizon or ATT with problems. They are promt and knowledgable and will make you happy. Just saying, try before you talk, I have actually used all of this different hardware and had to deal with setting it up. Apple stuff work BETTER, EASIER and FASTER.
      But serioulsy. MAC COMPUTERS ARE NOT WORTH THE MONEY. In the case of the ipad, the ipad2 and all of the iphones so far, They have been FAR ahead of the pack in actual functionality.

      • I disagree on Apple stuff being better and faster. Easier yes. That I can see. However, there are a many mods and roms available to improve performance on Android systems. I really like the fact that Android systems are drag and drop. I use mine as such regularly however on my wife’s iPhone, that is somewhat of a challenge. Look, you’re right to insist Android users to have an Apple experience because it is somewhat hypocritical to judge without doing so. But, understand that you can’t ride a bike with training wheels forever. Let’s see how much smart Apple believes their customers to be with the next release.


  5. Ipad, Is better,…Apple is better…Period..Point blank. No more needs to be said.

  6. Yeah, ipad is better and that’s the reason apple file a case against Samsung. lol

  7. This comparison is so biased.. How can you say that the samsung is more user friendly without giving evidence or an explanation..
    I have experienced both.. and lets face it.. the 10.1 is so ugly.. ew

    • the comparision says iOS is more user friendly , and samsung does not uses iOS , Most the smartphone users believe that iOS interface is more user friendly than android interface ,so in terms of user friendliness ipad beats samsung , but it depends on users , some like ios while some likes android

      • See the reason so many like the iOS is that it’s not scary. I don’t understand why widgets scare people but they do and that’s why many in the iOS camp are scared to plunge into the depths of android. give me an android device any day. that systems has much more to offer. iOS is like a bike with training wheels and sooner or later kids want those training wheels off.

    • Lol Apple is better just face it guys. It has been and always will be

  8. The features of both slates might be equal but the iPad 2 still grab more and even the most attention of all.. Recently in China a young boy under 17 year old sold his kidney just for purchasing iPad 2.. How shocking news..

  9. I have a Tab and I pad 2 and the Tab is a amazing piece of kit. Just the right size and weight to use. And it does everything, email, internet, text , sat nav and allot more.

    The I pad is too big and heavy to use easily and thats a really important aspect and its this which puts me off using it. it only does half the things the Tab can do.

    There is no comparison the Tab is the best overall in the 7″ size. If it take the I Pad out i feel its not pulling its weight with what it can do. ( even though its bigger and more cumbersome to carry around all day and too big for general day to day use.) its best left indoors to be used on a desk and in that situation it works really well but of course restricts its use as its meant to be a portable gadget.

  10. There are older folks like myself that won’t be using a PAD device for gaming…it will be a mobile device that is more versatile than a notebook for certain apps and more compact.
    So some of the above does not apply to folks like myself…does either Samsung vs Apple have an app on their device to somehow hook up to a digital projector? This would be key to be able to use it for powerpoint or other applications for lectures and such…pipe in!

  11. At 65 and a retired computer graphics designer, I see my peers responding to the iPad for the ease of use out of direct sunlight, longer battery life for email, internet surfing and research for the fun of it! iPad enterprise is barely viable, but work arounds exist through pdf format so the iPad can be used to host point of sale and as a teaching aid. I like the rough sketch and note pad layout abilities of iWork and integrated photo inserts. All this creation is at a very crude level compared to a laptop or table top box, but the cursor manipulation and insert flexibility is far beyond a laptop track pad. I agree that hardwire USB is sorely missed, but WiFi transfers are getting better provided that file sizes remain small or compressed. The iPad still needs to drop in price for boomers to continue to embrace any new remote server configuration requirements of the OS. This download upgrade model is not robust enough for rural remote internet connections where all the real world computer based creation and data gathering efforts are really going on. One of iPad’s advantages is rugged field work. Resistance to dirt, moisture and ease of use are hard to beat when a good all terrain case is used.

  12. All I needed was a device bigger than a smart phone smaller than a laptop to show clients my work, so my criterion is a nice display. The display on Galaxy Tab is nice and it’s cheaper than the ipad2 (and i don’t care about the brands) so I picked the Galaxy without giving it much thought. After getting it for 3 days, the screen went blank on me. I found this fix: http://androidforums.com/galaxy-tab-support-troubleshooting/257815-galaxy-wont-turn.html BUT after doing that I kept on having battery problems. How can they put out a product with “common issues” like that!? I hope ipad is more stable and reliable?

    • spot the apple product placement lobbyist / samsung ‘spoiler’…..

    • I had the galaxy 10.1 and was curious of all the iPad 2 hype honestly only thing iPad has better is the ios and apps also the next day after I bought the iPad2 the screen froze and refused to cut on or off go figure Sammy for me

  13. I am looking for something that has the functionality of the IPad 2 but am open to other possibilities. I really want access to WiFI for northern NSW all in one as there are already internet issues having to have satellite etc. and definitely reliability as this will be it for me for a while. I understand Apple has limitations for bluetooth etc. however I am a little weary of the Samsung now given comment above from Ronau. Can anyone of user status give me some straight up assistance.

  14. No war fellas, just personal opinion.

    1. After i got Google Nexus S i stop using iPhone 4.
    2. Me and my wife both using Apple iPads for a long time. Till now cannot find tablet better.

    So the point (again – personal) is: both brands have pro and cons about this gadgets.

    And for me as a pro programmer Android OS much better iOS.

  15. Does Samsung tablet have app for educational use; such as handwriting, visual motor skills, things can use with Autistic kids like apple?

  16. I have just bought iPad2 and am realising that most of the content at the sites that I used to visit using the laptop that the iPad2 replaced is now unavailable to me because Apple do not support Flash Player. It is infuriating that something that costs so much and is supposedly the world leader in “pads” does not support a platform that is in use generally world wide in almost all popular websites. I think I shall be returning it to replace it with something that does support Flash player.

  17. No doubt the specs of Samsung is better than Apple. The soft part that really matters is ease of use (may be speed, understanding of human’s next move) is the place where apple makes the difference.
    If i want to watch movies, samsung would be better than ipad, while if i want to create an art apple would be better.

  18. Does ipad2 have Flash player (NO) , then it lost far by samsaung tab
    Also samsung tab 10.1 have better photo taken than ipad and more FREE software than itune have so Samsung is the winner full stop

  19. Couldn’t agree more. Period. Nothing to be discussed. 🙂
    I simply <3 my ipad 2. 🙂

  20. Hi David, what method do you use to upload your most important files to Amazon S3do you use the S3 webpage-based interface, or is there another program you use to do this? Thanks!

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