10 Delicious and Creative Geek Cakes

Geeks are always crazy about Gadgets and Computers . They have a great impact on every walk of their life even their food habits . You don’ believe ? Check out these delicious and creative Geek food arts .

1 Laptop Cake

Geek Laptop cake

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2. Geeky Apple Pie

Geeky apple pie

3. iPhone Cake

Geek iPhone Cake

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4. Nikon D700 Cake

nikon cake

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5. Windows XP Notebook Cake

windows xp notebook cake

6 . Mac Mini Cake

Mac Mini Cake

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7.  BlackBerry Geek Cake

Blackberry geek cake

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8.  iPad Geek Cake

ipad geek cake

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9.  iPod Touch Cake

ipod touch cake

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10  Google Cake

google cake



  1. Nice post.
    I loved “Mac Mini Cake” and “Google cake”.
    I would like to gift one of them to you Mr. Author.
    I just missed a special day. I should have checked this post the date you published. 🙁

    Jai HInd

    • Thanks I would love to have that , I also liked Google and Mac Mini cake , I guess someone to make facebook cake also

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